Dental Implants Aylmer

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Dental Implants Aylmer

Do you want to feel comfort and confidence again? Well you’re on the right track. Here at Aylmer Family Dentistry, we can give you back a comfortable, fully functioning mouth and a healthy, confident smile with dental Implants in Aylmer.

Whether you’re missing one or all of your teeth, there’s now an exciting option that will help you smile with confidence – dental implants in Aylmer. Thousands of people are flashing smiles that have been beautified by implants, a fabulous tooth replacement technique that can be performed right here in our Aylmer dentist’s office.

Step one. Dental implants in Aylmer are made of special biomaterials. They act the same way as your tooth roots do to secure a beautiful crown that you can see above the gumline. Once the implant is placed, we give it a few months to stabilize and become secure.

Step two. Then we permanently attach a natural-looking crown or replacement tooth that restores the form and function of a real tooth. We use dental implants in Aylmer to…

  • stabilize dentures
  • secure bridges
  • replace just one tooth
  • rebuild an entire jaw of missing teeth
  • restore your smile to its natural beauty.

The best part is that dental implants in Aylmer look and feel just like natural teeth!

Dental implants are reliable, and most patients can receive this service right in our office. But first, we will take the time to discuss your smile goals, give you treatment options, and we will always ensure your comfort while you’re in our practice and after the treatment.

Dental implants have helped thousands of people to eat, smile, and speak with renewed self-confidence. Could they do this for you too? Won’t you call us for a personal consultation? We’ll help you decide if dental implants in Aylmer are right for you.

We always welcome new patients! Call today!

Dental Implants Aylmer
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