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Scottsdale Recovery Center is a heroin treatment center that treats alcohol and drug dependency, but we also have a special program just for heroin users. Indeed, Scottsdale Recovery Center customizes treatment plans for each individual we treat, taking into account many personal factors regarding the patient, including their:

  • Substance of choice
  • Length of time of addiction
  • Severity of addiction
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Family life
  • Home life
  • Home location
  • Friends/Social network
  • Job/Career

We also take into account several other demographical and personal factors. When a person contacts us for heroin treatment or treatment for any other drug abuse problem, the first thing we do is consult with the individual in question to conduct an assessment. Based on the information that we gather, we'll then determine which course of action is best for the patient. For many heroin abusers, the road to recovery starts at detox.

How Do I Know if I Need a Heroin Detox Center?

Most of us either know someone who has died because of heroin addiction, or we know someone who knows someone who has died because of heroin addiction. The point being? Heroin addiction is a lot closer to home than some of us would like to think! Others already know this fact all too well! Further, heroin is one of the most lethal substances known to man. Addiction, in general, is a progressive and deadly disease. How much more so for heroin addiction!

The end of the road for a heroin abuser who does not get the help that he or she needs is bleak! We're talking about jails, institutions, and ultimately, death! Usually, death. If a person has become dependent on heroin, it is best they go to detox to be safe. Scottsdale Recovery Center is a heroin detox and heroin treatment center.

Why is Heroin So Addictive?

Heroin is an extremely addictive substance, and that is why heroin addicts who don't have heroin get physically sick. When we think about substances like cannabis or cocaine; these too are addictive substances. However, these substances only create psychological addictions. Heroin is physically addictive, meaning that the body goes through withdrawal if the person goes without heroin.

People who have been using heroin for a longer period often require higher doses of it to achieve the desired high. This is because their bodies build up tolerances to the substance over time. As the dosage of heroin increases, the risk and severity of withdrawal also increase if the person quits using it cold turkey. That is why Scottsdale Recovery Center is a full-blown heroin treatment center.

We Offer Heroin Interventions

If someone you love is addicted to heroin, time is of the essence! If you have tried to talk to your loved one about the damage that heroin is causing them, and your loved still refuses to seek help, contact Scottsdale Recovery Center today. We'll help you organize an intervention. We have the resources and the experience needed to conduct interventions successfully. Please, whatever you do, don't try an intervention on your own.

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