Invisalign Hatfield PA

Invisalign Hatfield PA

It's impossible to have a beautiful and smile without straight teeth, but did you know that uneven teeth can adversely affect your overall health? Crooked teeth, also known as malocclusion, affects as many as 74% of all adults in North America. Without dental treatment, malocclusion can generate periodontal disease and lead to unusual tension on both your teeth and jaws, causing advanced wear and tear. Not only do crooked teeth get more crooked, but the effects can also worsen and have an adverse result on your overall health. Talk to Dental Excellence of Hatfield to find out if Invisalign in Hatfield, PA is the best option to straighten your smile.

Tooth Disorders That Can Be Treated With Invisalign

At Dental Excellence of Hatfield, we frequently see many cases of tooth misalignment, such as crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, cross bite, edge-to-edge bite, and excessive overjet. If your teeth are given to extreme stress, over time, they can develop chipping and notches on the gums. Eventually, this enhanced force might even lead to flattened and irreparable teeth or cracks on the edges.

Invisalign Does More Than Straighten Crooked Teeth

Additionally, a bad bite might create unnatural stress on the jaw joint that can trigger awful pain in the jaw, ears, and migraines or headaches. Advanced wear on teeth can lead to gum recession, lack of bone support in the tooth roots, tooth loosening, and tooth loss. However, if your teeth have a natural fit, they will last longer and will require much less expensive dental procedures in the future. Uneven teeth can hurt your periodontal health because the removal of plaque and bacteria becomes more difficult as the conditions worsen.

If You Have Advanced Tooth Problems, You May Require Additional Dental Procedures in Addition to Invisalign

When bacteria is not adequately removed, it will multiply and trigger periodontal disease, which begins as gum inflammation, redness, and bleeding while brushing or chewing. If left untreated, gum inflammation will progress into chronic infection, soft tissue damage, receding gums, periodontal pockets, bone loss, and tooth loss. These conditions can lead to painful repair and treatment in the future which can amount to thousands of dollars in dental expenses and countless hours in the dentist's chair.

Crooked Teeth Won't Straighten Themselves

Correctly positioning your teeth for proper alignment helps to stop the problems we've discussed and give you a more attractive and healthier mouth, allowing you to keep your natural teeth. Ask Dental Excellence of Hatfield about Invisalign, a series of clear aligners that are designed to move and straighten your teeth gradually.

Become A Healthier You With Invisalign

You can start on the road to a healthier you today, without the unattractive look of braces. Invisalign retainers are clear and invisible to the human eye. Invisalign see-through retainers do the same thing that braces do, only without the metal mouth syndrome. To learn more about Invisalign and how it can help your teeth and overall health, give us a call or schedule your appointment and oral examination today. We are a preferred provider of Invisalign in Hatfield, PA.

Invisalign Hatfield PA
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