Orthodontist Lansdale Pa

Orthodontist Lansdale Pa

Our daily, regular dental problems usually don’t seem to have that much of an impact on our health, except when we go in-depth and analyze the underlying causes, as well as how they will evolve. This is why we, at Dental Excellence of Hatfield, don’t take anything for granted.

An orthodontist in Lansdale Pa knows how much people struggle with even the tiniest dental problems. Orthodontics dentistry is not meant only to rectify the looks, but also to correct some slightly annoying side-effects.

These include:

– Malocclusion – It usually occurs during childhood, as a result of thumb sucking. The upper and lower teeth will have a frontal open gap between them, even when the rest of the jaw is clenched. Malocclusion can cause pain, improper chewing and biting, and embarrassment.

– Protrusive teeth – It is quite a common problem with people who have teeth sticking out more than they should. This affection will impact speech and increase the likelihood of sports and mechanic accidents.

– Crowded teeth – It occurs in patients with small, short jaws, where not all teeth can fit properly. This can affect the patient’s ability to chew and will affect his self-esteem in the long-run.

– Overbite and reverse bite – The first one refers to the upper teeth biting over the lower ones, while the latter functions the other way around. Orthodontic treatment can help alleviate and even eliminate the problem.

– Too much spacing – Some persons will have too large gaps between the teeth, either because their jaw is too large, or due to losing teeth during childhood, causing the others to move too far from one another. In this case, an orthodontist in Lansdale Pa might be the best solution to the problem.

– Underbite – It can be defined by the lower teeth going too far forward, or the upper ones going too far backward, causing an inesthetic look and chewing difficulties.

These are some of the problems being observed, as others include chipped and cracked teeth, misalignment and other issues that may not only cause significant levels of pain but could also affect the patient’s ability to speak correctly, eat or smile for that matter.

Orthodontics at its best

Most teeth problems can be easily corrected, so long as the patient takes measures in time. The more he postpones the treatment, the worse the situation can get. Orthodontics dentistry has no age limit, as everyone can benefit from the various procedures meant to alleviate pain and eliminate and correct a wide range of dental issues.

And if we are to thank orthodontics for one thing in particular, then that would be its efforts of improving the overall quality of life. Few things feel better than having a strong, functional set of teeth, meant to serve you for the rest of your life. And every orthodontist in Lansdale Pa like those working at Dental Excellence of Hatfield. Here, our job is not only to heal, but also to teach people that the only proper way to go through life is by smiling as often as they can.

Orthodontist Lansdale Pa
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