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Quakertown Dentist

In general, people tend only to visit a medical specialist once having already contracted a disease. The same goes for our dental health. If nothing hurts, then what is the point of going to a dentist in the first place? But the problem is that, when it does start to hurt, it may already be too late, and extensive dentistry procedures may be needed to correct whatever is left that can be adjusted. Here, at Dental Excellence of Hatfield, we are trying to show people that prevention is more valuable than the treatment itself.

A Quakertown dentist has to deal with a lot of dental problems regularly, most of them as a result of people having poor oral hygiene and not taking preventing measures in time. When left untreated, oral problems can slowly advance, sometimes unnoticed, and cause a series of other illnesses. And, initially, everything starts with seemingly benign affections like a cavity or two or some abscess here and there.

Then, before you know it, everything will slip out of control, and you will have a whole new set of problems in your hands. To get rid of them, there are several approved methods dentists have at their disposal:

1. Primary dentistry

Here we include the most common treatments people go for, like treating cavities, occasional extractions, gum non-invasive gum treatments, as well as treating gingivitis, periodontitis or any other dental health problem that may arrive. Primary dentistry is mostly oriented towards prevention, trying to teach people how to take care of their oral health without resorting to professional assistance.

2. Orthodontics

As every Quakertown dentist knows, the orthodontic treatment is especially necessary during childhood and adolescence, when teeth need a professional alignment both due to esthetic purposes and because, in many cases, misalignment can cause pain, poor speeching abilities, and ineffective chewing capabilities. On top of that, teeth whitening is another procedure that can deliver significant psychological benefits, allowing the patient to show increased self-esteem and more confidence in his ability to interact with other people.

3. Restorative dentistry

This is the point where usually invasive dental procedures are required to deal with the already advanced dental issues. Dentures, veneers, dental crowns and bridges, and dental implants, all these are procedures that are necessary when it comes to advanced oral diseases, extreme tooth decay, severe accidents, causing teeth and gum damages and so on.

These are professional procedures that are necessary and which, in many cases, can save people’s lives. Treating plaque, gum infections, cavities or any other problem, especially during the incipient stages, can make the difference in the long run.

This is why a Quakertown dentist will always recommend prevention as one of the best methods of preserving your overall health, which is that much more important when talking about oral hygiene. We, at Dental Excellence of Hatfield, take pride in offering some of the best services on the market and, in truth, that’s the only thing we can do. Because nothing is acceptable outside excellence, quality, and top performance.

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