Optimum Gum Health


Without incisions or sutures

Gum disease has been called the silent disease because it arrives unannounced and can worsen with little or no initial discomfort. Thankfully, Dr. Dudhat & Dr. Scordamaglia, your general family dentists in Hatfield, are one of only a handful of dentists specifically trained in a gentler way to treat gum disease – without stitches, incisions, or significant recovery time.

This patient-friendly procedure…

  • takes less time than traditional surgery

  • gives better, longer-lasting results

  • involves less pain, swelling, or risk of infection

  • helps bone regeneration

  • has a shorter 24-hour recovery time, so you don’t need to miss work!

Call us to ask about treating your gum disease without incisions or stitches. We will be happy to help you with this gentle, leading-edge periodontics Hatfield technology.