Teeth Whitening Hatfield

Teeth Whitening Hatfield

Take advantage of new-technology teeth whitening in Hatfield when you schedule an appointment with Dental Excellence of Hatfield for GLO Science teeth whitening. We are pleased to offer our patients the latest scientifically proven-effective treatment for brightening and whitening your smile- GLO Science uses warming heat acceleration for safe and effective whitening anytime, anywhere you happen to be.

What to Expect From GLO Science

Reports are in- 100% of participants in GLO Science clinical rests reported whiter teeth with an easy-to-use system that is entirely portable. No participants reported any pain or sensitivity during or after using the GLO system. When you choose us for your next whitening session, you’ll gain access to the only teeth whitening system using patented heat & light warming technology to reduce treatment duration and improve results.

Hands-Free Teeth Whitening in Hatfield on Your Schedule

Ask us about a personal whitening device you can take home and use when it’s convenient for you. The lightweight GLO Science system can be used at home, while on-the-go, in an office-type setting, or practically anywhere you choose to take your device. Your personal kit includes:

  • GLO Control and Lanyard
  • GLO Mouthpiece
  • Storage Case
  • 10 Teeth Whitening GLO Vials
  • GLO Lip Treatment
  • GLO Universal Power Cord & Adapter
  • Travel and Storage Case

No-Sensitivity Teeth Whitening in Hatfield

You’ll see immediate results with fast, 8-minute applications using GLO Science whitening. In 3 easy steps, your teeth will look brighter and whiter in a matter of minutes. The GLO system is the only closed system using light and heat to power through stains using a patented hydrogen peroxide formula, leaving teeth a natural white you’ll want to show off the very same day you whiten. Best of all, there’s absolutely no tooth-sensitivity associated with GLO Science treatments.

Go 5 Shades Whiter in 5 Days

Using GLO technology, you’ll see amazing results in the comfort of your own home. The Edison Award Winner for Excellence in Innovation & Design is quickly becoming one of the most requested treatments from patients at Dental Excellence of Hatfield. You can learn more about treatment when you schedule a whitening consultation with our staff and ask us about the results you can expect from GLO Science.

Predictable Whitening Results

We highly recommend our patients avoid store-bought whitening gels and similar products that typically deliver disappointing results. For professional whitening, only a pro-strength product will achieve the desired results we think our patients deserve. If you’re looking for the most natural shade of white that turns heads without attracting the wrong kind of attention, ask our staff about the GLO Science system for your teeth.

Sign up for our in-office dental insurance alternative plan for discounts on many services offered by our practice and many cost-saving perks that will save you money all through the year. Pay for teeth whitening in Hatfield over time when you apply for CareCredit’s low-interest healthcare card that allows you to pay for treatment on your own terms.

Teeth Whitening Hatfield
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