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Westwood Dentist

Is it Ethical to Switch Dentists?

If you're not satisfied with the quality of care you receive from your dentist or dental staff, it's not a matter of ethics whether you should switch dentists, it's a matter of necessity. For beautiful, healthy teeth and gums, you should choose a dentist you feel comfortable visiting- one who offers the services you need at a cost you can afford. When searching for a new Westwood dentist, consider Smile Loft Westwood for general, preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and specialized dental care- with affordable rates you'll appreciate.

Can I Afford To See a Dentist Without Insurance Coverage?

You'll have to check around, but the chances are good that you'll find a local dentist who offers a dental care plan for an annual cost. Ask friends and family members about dental care at an affordable rate- a personal referral is gold when searching for a new Westwood Dentist. You'll save significantly with Smile Loft Westwood's Smile Club membership that provides quality comprehensive checkups, cleanings, and additional perks at the low cost of just $30 per month. Find out more about the club's benefits when you click 'Smile Club Membership' on our homepage.

Why is it So Hard to Choose the Right Dentist For My Family?

It shouldn't be a difficult task finding a dentist to meet the needs of your family. Use all available resources to compare services, reviews, costs, and other aspects of dentistry by going to friends, family members, community resources, and the Web. Take advantage of Smile Loft Westwood's new patient special offer and see for yourself why we have a top rating among local practices at the Westwood Dentist of Choice. Schedule an appointment for a Free Dental Exam by booking online with the coupon code MYWESTWOODDENTIST. Your initial visit is entirely free.

Who Do I See For Emergency Dentistry?

We receive many calls asking whether it's acceptable to visit the ER for a toothache or dental injury. In almost all cases, you should do everything possible to see your family dentist for urgent dental matters. If your dental practice does not make emergency patients feel welcome or refuses walk-in visits, keep Smile Loft Westwood's number stored in your smartphone's contacts under Emergency Westwood Dentist. Call us for any urgent dental issue for over-the-phone pain management advice, pain-free extractions, and additional emergency services on demand- we welcome your walk-in visit.

Can My Dentist Offer Orthodontic Treatment?

Many dentists today offer orthodontic dentistry; however, that doesn't necessarily mean they specialize in orthodontics. If you're thinking about having your teeth straightened or are looking into orthodontic treatment for your teenager, Smile Loft Westwood can provide valuable information and insight during a consultation appointment. Most teens and adults prefer clear Invisalign's discreet profile for straightening teeth and closing gaps between teeth. Find out if you're a candidate for comfortable, removable Invisalign by calling our front desk staff and booking a meeting with our team.

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