Welcome To Dental Excellence of Hatfield

What to expect at your first visit

Fantastic! You’ve just initiated the journey to joining a dental family who is fully committed to helping you achieve excellent oral health for a lifetime. It’s difficult to decide to move to a new family dental care provider, and when you do, it’s important that you know your choice is the right one. Please tour our website for answers to your dental care questions and to take the first step in getting to know us. Finding out what to expect at your first appointment is an excellent place to start…

Treatment Coordination

Our Treatment Coordinator is here to help you navigate your care – from recommended treatments to how to best benefit from your dental care insurance. That includes answering general questions about your treatment choices … to acquiring information on insurance coverage before your treatment even begins … to signing you up for our Dental Discount Savings Plan.
Your questions will always be answered and are seconds away by phone. Your call is always welcome – or just drop in!


At your first appointment, we will take un-rushed time to get to know you well. We’ll talk about your dental history and create a mouth-map to have a clear picture of your oral health needs. Because this first appointment covers a lot of important necessary ground, it will be a touch longer than routine hygiene visits, even if you’re up-to-date on your regular care.

At your appointment, we’ll also assess the mechanics of your jaw joint and complete a screening for oral cancer. Take advantage and ask questions. Our hygienists are experts at patient education and will happily give help so you can achieve excellent dental care at home.

Practice Tour

A short practice tour will help you get to know us and it will add to your comfort. You’ll find out about our coffee bar (a favorite!), x-ray area, children’s play area, and our state-of-the-art sterilization center. Many of our patients tell us that this tour helps alleviate their dental-visit anxiety.


You’ll also meet your dentist! After a friendly hello and examination of your teeth and mouth, they will chat with you about what we find to determine the best personalized approach for you.

We’ll set up a regular-care schedule, design a treatment plan specific to your needs, and, if you wish, discuss smile cosmetics. It’s your opportunity to tell us what you like and don’t like about your smile … and set some goals. Our entire team promise to work with you to help your smile be the best it can be.


At Dental Excellence of Hatfield, we use several diagnostic tools and one of them is one of our most helpful … a small pen-sized camera that will allow you to see what we see during examinations! We want you to understand and feel confident in your dental care.

In fact, all our diagnostic equipment is digital and emits the lowest amount of radiation possible. For dental x-rays, that’s as much as 90% less radiation than with film x-rays!