Customize Your Brightness


We customize for your individual needs

It’s never been easier to find products that promise to deliver that great-looking smile in record time. Off-the-shelf whitening kits are now available from the local mall for completely unsupervised home whitening. Patients must be aware that there are real and important problems with whitening your teeth without proper supervision by your Hatfield dentists.

There can be many dangers in home whitening kits. One independent wellness newsletter states that these kits may contain ingredients that can injure gums and other soft tissue in the mouth and throat, or make you ill if ingested. It’s much safer – and more effective – for us to supervise your take-home teeth whitening treatment.

When we prescribe a whitening system for you, we make absolutely certain that the whitening ingredients are appropriate (correct type and concentration) for your individual teeth and gums. We also provide you with a custom-made whitening tray that only a dental professional can properly customize to fit. An ill-fitting tray can cause damage to your gums and existing dental work, gagging, and even serious choking.

We want your smile to be the best it can be! But please … let us help you achieve your goals safely, quickly, and efficiently. Please call us for a consultation – so that you don’t compromise your precious oral health.