Keep Your Secret


With Invisalign

Looking for Invisalign® in Hatfield PA? You’ve found it!

Invisalign is the preferred method for straightening teeth used to be metal braces. But why put up with the metal and wires when a virtually invisible treatment is possible?

What is Invisalign? It’s a proven method for straightening teeth using a series of custom-made, nearly undetectable medical-grade clear plastic aligners.

How does Invisalign work? Each aligner is precisely calibrated and manufactured to custom-fit over your teeth and gently move them through every stage of your treatment. There are no metal wires and brackets, and you can still enjoy your favorite foods and brush and floss easily.

Can I benefit? Adults account for nearly 25% of all orthodontic patients. The most common problems are crowded teeth, teeth spaced too far apart, protruding upper or lower teeth, and upper and lower front teeth that do not touch.

How do I get started? After consultation and deciding on a treatment plan, we take an impression of your teeth. Using the latest 3-D computer technology, our instructions are translated into a series of aligners.

What do I do? You wear your aligners as prescribed and your teeth will be realigned. When treatment begins, you can view your own virtual treatment plan, so you can see how great your straight teeth will look!

We know you’ll be inspired to consider Invisalign! Please call us for a consultation.