Please Just Freeze The Tooth … Not The Face!


Amazing single-tooth anesthetic

It’s been estimated that as many as 50% of patients fear needles, even though it’s not the needle that causes discomfort – it’s the pressure caused by the volume of the anesthetic flow. That’s why we’re very pleased that we can provide you with a single-tooth anesthetic system, a revolutionary computer-controlled technique.

Here’s how this precision anesthesia can help you…

  • There’s no waiting! Your tooth is completely numb in only 2 minutes.

  • You won’t experience a frozen tongue, lip, or face!

  • You can return to normal daily life quickly and comfortably … without frozen-mouth embarrassment!

This one-of-a-kind system works well for many procedures – from simple fillings to root canals and cosmetics. It’s particularly comforting for children and those who avoid appointments and necessary dental care because they are anxious about dentistry.

Now with single-tooth anesthesia, we can provide much-increased comfort to you!