Smile, Eat & Chew Properly Again!


Rejuvenate your smile with dental implants in Hatfield

For most people, losing a tooth is traumatic, and replacing it imperative, not only for healthy self-esteem, but to avoid facial and speech changes that take place over time, like jawbone recession and the look of collapsed cheeks. Dental implants are the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth for a completely natural-looking smile.

Here are a few really important facts about implants. They…

  • require only normal home care for maintenance

  • preserve and strengthen the underlying bone, just like the roots of natural teeth

  • do not alter or compromise adjacent healthy teeth

  • require no plates that can affect comfort and fit

  • can replace the form and function of only one tooth or two, or can replace teeth in an entire jaw

  • can anchor dentures (click on “implant denture stabilization” on our services page) to prevent shifting, or replace partial dentures and bridgework

  • are safe and reliable

  • look completely natural – no one will know you have them ... unless you tell!

Safe, reliable, and natural-looking dental implants may be your smile solution. Call us – we’d like to help you smile more!