Whiten Your Smile


With GLO® Science!

If you’ve noticed that your smile isn’t as bright and white as it used to be, you’ll want to know about the GLO® Science teeth whitening experience!

In under an hour, we can whiten your teeth up to 12 shades using this revolutionary whitening technology.

How does it work? Using patented guided light optics (GLO) innovation that combines heat and light, the professional-strength whitening gel is activated to quickly and painlessly whiten your teeth with fast, efficient, long-lasting results.

Who can benefit? Even if you have a crown, bridge, bonding, or veneer, we can perfectly match your non-restored teeth, so your smile is evenly bright and white. And more great news? If you have been sensitive to teeth whitening in the past, GLO Science is a non-sensitive solution!

For teeth whitening in Hatfield, give us a call! We can have your smile camera-ready in no time!