Your To-Do List


Ensure dental care is on it!

Like all health care, an ounce of dental prevention is worth a pound of cure… Preventive dentistry and routine maintenance help stave off the development of problems like gingivitis, the alignment of restorative work, and the growth of caries, and reduce the chance of needing more-costly emergency treatment later.

And the more regularly you visit Dr. Dudhat’s dentistry, the more comfortable you’ll be with dental treatment in general.

Here are a couple of tricks to keep things on track…

  1. It makes sense to change the batteries in your smoke detectors every time you switch from daylight savings to standard time. Twice a year, like clockwork.

And it makes sense to use a similar system to remind you that it’s time for regular dental maintenance.

  1. Go by the equinox or the solstice. When a change of season comes around, it’s time for your recare!

While these tricks sound simple, they’re really not, because we all do it … “Oh yes! I’ll call and book a hygiene appointment next week,” and then the week is gone and you still haven’t booked. Then another week goes by. And another…

That’s why we always try to eliminate the complication and inconvenience by booking your next appointment right here when you’re in our office. Booking well in advance also ensures you get the appointment slot you prefer. And while you’re here, why not put that appointment right in your phone, with a reminder alarm?

Pro-active thinking makes for smooth planning, ensuring that regular dental visits are part of your good health routine. It’s as important as brushing and flossing twice a day!